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Boost Your Health the Natural Way

Be Instantly Healed With God’s Miraculous Treatment

Experience God’s healing power by relying on truemiraclesandnaturalhealing in Littleton, Colorado. We proudly introduce a revolutionary healing solution, True Miracle, which we ourselves have created to perfection using all-natural ingredients, formulas, and serums.

By the grace of God, we have been blessed since 2011 to have the opportunity to offer our True Miracle products to people suffering from illness and searching for a miracle. Continue reading to discover the amazing God-called woman known as Mother Comfort to many who is behind the success of this miracle treatment for the sick.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Amos 3:7 “Surely, the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealed his secret unto his servants the prophets”. Surely the Almighty God has revealed the cures for: Cancer, AIDS/ HIV, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Leukemia, Tuberculosis, Heart Disease, Weight Loss and a cure for barren wombs to conceive. Over the years, man have been researching for cures for the above illnesses. True Miracle is the answer.

True Miracle’s mission is to boldly go into the entire world where no man has gone before and heal those that are sick and raise those that are appointed to death. We are going into the world to bring joy and happiness to barren women to be joyful mother of children. To carry out great commission to minister to lost souls that are scattered like sheep’s with no shepherds.

There are millions of people that are sick, suffering, and dying from these deadly diseases. True Miracle Product will enable us to reach those that are praying and anticipating healing miracles in their lives. True Miracle is the answer: This is the miracle the world is looking for.


The proceeds from the sale of True Miracle will be used to carry out humanitarian aides throughout the world. To boldly go an extra mile into the world to meet the basic needs of people. To sandal our feet and carry out humanitarian projects also. Under the guidance of the holy spirit of God, we will go wherever he sent us. To bring glory and honor to his name.


True Miracle is certified and registered with the STATE of New Jersey certificate of Authority. True Miracle is provisional patented and the non-provisional patent paper work is in process.


As we strive to uplift True Miracle, we are urging governments, hospitals, organizations, donors, researchers, and individuals around the world to help bring True Miracle from the ground level. The Lord God wants all of us to be good Samaritans and be our brother’s keepers. The life you save could be yours or your loved ones.

About Mother Comfort

Maikemieh Comfort Saywah was born in Karyee, Nimba County, Liberia to David Garr Wonyen and Pasee W. Sayway in 1956. In 1966 Her late Brother Julius L. Wonyen took her to Monrovia, Liberia to live with him. While in Monrovia, she attended Elizabeth Crawford Foundation Elementary School.

In 1968 her family moved to Sinkor, Liberia and she enrolled in W. F. Walker Elementary School. Through the power and grace of God, she got double promoted from 4th to 6th grade and transferred to Bassa Teenage Elementary and Junior High School in Morovia where she received her National Examination Certificate.

She also attended A. M. E. Zion Junior and Senior High School. In 1976, she enrolled in Richard A. Henries JR.-SR. High School in Monrovia, Liberia where she graduated and received her High School Diploma in December, 1977 and received her West African Examination Certificate.

In 1979, she enrolled in ArthurBarclay Technical Institute in Monrovia, Liberia where she did intensive secretarial training. She graduated in 1981 and received her Diploma in Secretarial Science. While in the US, she enrolled in Harcourt Learning Direct in 1998. She received her Diploma in Hotel Restaurant Management on July 18, 2000.

Mother Comfort have four biological children, adopted nieces, nephews, and many spiritual children. Her family migrated to the United States in the 90s to escape the Bloody Civil War in Liberia which led to killing, hunger, poverty, rape, and abuse of which many in Liberia were not blessed to have escaped.

Her Ministry Beginnings

Mother Comfort is formerly known as Comfort Dolo. She is also commonly recognized as “The Street Preacher Lady in White.” From the age of 16, she has been involved in various ministerial works in the United States and Liberia in West Africa for more than 44 years.

Her Service and Devotion to the Church

Mother Comfort has dedicated her life to the Lord’s service by preaching the Gospel. She was ordained as an evangelist in New Birth Restoration Healing and Deliverance Center by Apostle Kimberlin Johnson on April 26, 2009. Following that appointment, she was also ordained as an apostle in the People’s Pentecostal Church by Bishop Paul Zondo on September 19, 2010.

Additionally, Mother Comfort attended the Original Substance of Divine Principle (OSDP) Workshop in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Likewise, she completed the 171st Education Session proclaiming the Realm of Liberation and was awarded a certificate on December 12, 2011.

Jesus Christ the Soon Coming King Ministries

In between 1995 and 1996, Mother Comfort began sharing the Gospel in her apartment on Lehigh Avenue in Newark, New Jersey. She then received God’s call to go to the subways in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens in the state of New York to preach about Christ and salvation in 1997.

After Mother Comfort overcame her fears by the power of God, she finally surrendered to His will and answered, “Here I am; send me.” Since then, she went wherever God sent her to preach in and around the New York subways. She even preaches for about an hour and a half every morning before going to her job at the Waldorf Astoria New York in Manhattan.

God's Promises

One night in September of 1992, the Lord told Mother Comfort to stop crying about the Civil War in West Africa and praise Him instead. Her three friends from Gethsemane Baptist Church visited her the next day to give her confirmation. They were under anointing for about three hours without realizing time has flown so fast.

After her friends left, God instructed Mother Comfort to continue praising Him for seven days. She obeyed and glorified Him for three hours a day.

Mother Comfort ended her praises on September 28, 1992. On that night, the Lord promised her that He would reveal to her the cure for acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

After some months, God made another promise and told her He would disclose to her the treatment for cancer. She kept this secret for fifteen years and pondered them in her heart like what Mary of Bethany did in the Bible.

God's Revelations

On November 9, 2007, Mother Comfort had ended a 40-day fast. She was resting when suddenly the Lord opened her spiritual eyes and revealed to her the cure for AIDS or human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and its ingredients.

At the same time, God disclosed the cure for cancer (in the blood and breast) and its ingredients. He continued to say to Mother Comfort, “This product is powerful. It will heal all manner of diseases. The devil will fight you.”

Over the years, the Lord has given Mother Comfort more than 88 revelations for this nation. She takes this time to thank everyone who has helped to bring True Miracle from the ground up.

God Keeps His Covenant to His People

About few weeks or a month after the revelations, Mother Comfort heard the devil cursing at her. After bombarding her with curses, the devil shouted to her, “I hate you! You are a threat to my kingdom!” Mother Comfort boldly walked to the window and rebuked him in the name of Jesus Christ.

In 1993, the Lord revealed to her a part of the general cancer cure medicine as He once promised. He finally told her the rest of the treatment in 2010.

God's Prophecies

Apart from the gift of healing and evangelism, the Almighty God bestowed upon Mother Comfort the gift of prophecy to enable her to do the following mighty works:

  • Save Lives of Important People
  • President George Bush’s (Three Times)
  • President Barack Obama’s (More Than Three Times)
  • Senator Jon Corzine’s
  • New Jersey State Governor
  • Senator Cory Booker (Formerly Mayor of Newark, New Jersey)
  • Deliver God’s Message to the White House
  • Deliver God’s Message and Pray at the City Hall With a Prayer Partner

True Miracle Testimonials

Dawn had lungs and bone cancer. She was admitted to the hospital. Dawn was not walking, eating, the doctor gave her six months to live. While in the hospital, Dawn had a dream. In this dream, she saw her

friends, Kema and Kim, brought medicine to the hospital. Well as God would have it, Kema and Kim, called for True Miracle, Mother Comfort prepared the herb and Kema and Kim took it to the hospital. When they arrived there, Dawn said to them, I dreamed about you guys bringing me some medicine, I am ready for it! the second day of her treatment, Dawn was sitting up, eating, walking her visitors to the elevator, the doctors was amazed . Today Dawn is healed and delivered of Lungs and Bone Cancer. Dawn is praising God for her life, that she is able to raise her children. She is healed forever! Thank you Jesus Christ!

Dawn, Hill Side New Jersey

Weight loss water, so far two persons have conceived! to God be all the Glory.

Barbra’s, son, sugar level was very high he was suffering from diabetes for a long time. Well one morning , Mother Comfort was directed by the Spirit of God to Hess Gas Station. Barbra and her son was buying gas, she began telling her about his battles with diabetes. Mother Comfort introduced Barbra to True Miracle, Barbra requested immediately. After his treatment his sugar level dropped to normal. To God Be All The Glory.

Barbra, New Jersey

Mr. B., had HIV/AIDS, he heard about True Miracle, he immediately called Mother Comfort to have the product shipped to him. After his treatment, he called Mother Comfort to say thank you. He said, “Sister Comfort, I have no more weakness in my body, I am gaining my weight back”. Mr. B., visited his doctor and the doctor told him to continue his medicine. Thank you, Jesus Christ !

Mr. B, Texas

Thur had lumps in her breast. She called Mother Comfort and told her about her illness. Mother Comfort introduced Thur to True Miracle. After taking True Miracle products, Thur went to her doctor for checkup. Her doctor confirmed the lumps had disappeared from her breast. Wow! To God be all the glory! She is healed today.

– Thur from Atlanta, Georgia

Jennifer had a severe sore throat. She had difficulty in swallowing. Mother Comfort introduced True Miracle to Jennifer. Today, Jennifer is healed from a sore throat. Glory to God!

– Jennifer from Elizabeth, New Jersey

Jodi had been battling with stomach cancer. She had eight cancer surgeries and could not get better. Mother Comfort encouraged Jodi to try True Miracle. Jodi told Mother Comfort that she was ready to try the product. When Jodi went for a doctor’s visit, it was confirmed that she was healed of cancer. Glory to God! Thank you, Jesus Christ.

– Jodi from Clifton, New Jersey

Therese was suffering from diabetes and cholesterol illnesses. She called Mother Comfort for True Miracle. After her treatment, Therese went to her doctor for checkup. Praise the Lord! Her doctor confirmed that she has been healed from both illnesses.

– Therese, Minnesota


Betty had a severe back pains. She visited her doctor in Liberia many times but could not get better. Here in the United States, her doctor diagnosed her with osteoporosis. Betty called Mother Comfort for True Miracle. After her treatment, she had resumed her normal duty. She called Mother Comfort to express her thanks and appreciation to her. The Almighty God gets the glory.

– Betty, Philadelphia

Dorothy's Daughter was suffering from Aids/HIV illness. She lost a lot of weight. family and friends thought she would die. Dorothy contacted Mother Comfort here in the United states. She contacted her agent in Monrovia, Liberia.

He rushed to her aid. After her treatment, she went to her doctor. He was shocked and told her to continue her pills. Dorothy called Mother Comfort to thank her for True Miracle. Her daughter is back on feet and had gained her weight back.

To God be the glory!

– Dorothy's Daughter, USA/Liberia

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